Bridge Energy


Flare Catcher System for GTL Solutions

Bridge Energy, a leader in flare and methane abatement technology, offers a profitable, innovative, and easy-to-implement Flare to GTL (Gas to Liquids) solution. It produces usable and marketable liquid fuels, for sale or use on-site. This profitable solution reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and bolsters production efficiency.


The flare catcher to GTL solution system recovers gas at the well head, cutting GHG emissions with continuous facility CO2e monitoring. The recovered gas is processed into liquids including gasoline, diesel, and petroleum. These fuels can be sold or used to power operations, with both options offering significant greenhouse gas reduction compared to flaring or venting. Installation is simple and adapted to facility requirements with existing equipment retrofitted, minimizing the need for new infrastructure.



The flare catcher to GTL solution can prevent the release of thousands of tons of CO2e per year, turning flare emissions into a supplementary revenue source and contributing to the economic and environmental sustainability of operations. This system is a viable, scalable, and impactful solution that addresses the challenges of GHG emissions and inefficient energy use in the upstream energy sector.